Happy Birthday, PAC-MAN!

The above is not just any other banner from the Google search page. It is an interactive doodle and, according to the PAC-MAN official website, the first ever. It is designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game.

The video game featuring the cute characters PAC-MAN and the four ghosts was (and probably still is) so immensely popular that it received the Guiness World Records award for being "The Most Successful Coin-Operated Game". Over the years, PAC-MAN has chomped away not only the dots in the maze but also countless number of coins, including a few of mine. When I was a teenager, I frequented video games arcade like my peers, and PAC-MAN was one of my favourite games. Unfortunately, I never was very good at the game, not having learned the formula that I saw others use to get maximum scores.

You devoured a lot of my pocket money PAC-MAN, but I would still like to wish you a Happy Birthday!

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