Chase dreams, not flats

It is rare that any articles in the local Chiense newspapers are worth quoting, not least those in the finance section. But there is one exception today.

There is an article entitled "It is better for the post 80s to chase dreams than flats" the ideas of which I mostly agree with. The writer expresses his disappointment in seeing most young people in Hong Kong seeking to buy a flat at all cost. He thinks that at that age, young people should instead be chasing dreams, moving about, changing jobs, going overseas and doing something not related to money. In so doing, he believes, they will have a better understanding of themselves and the way ahead.

He quotes an example of a friend of his who got married and became a civil servant right after graduation. After twenty years of life without worries, the friend suddenly quit his steady and well-paid job, told his wife that he would go wandering, and then took his rucksack and started his nine-month journey without a pre-set destination. He realised that having no itinerary was the best itinerary and it was refreshing to be chasing dreams. The writer said that for the well-disciplined Chinese people, such behaviour is inconceivable, but for foreigners this sort of soul searching is very much a part of life.

I totally agree with what the writer says. The later one embarks on his soul searching journey, the higher the opportunity cost, as I can personally testify. So the best life plan is to start early when one does not have many burdens on his shoulders.

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